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IDbProvider Interface

Data provider

Namespace:  SanteDB.OrmLite.Providers
Assembly:  SanteDB.OrmLite (in SanteDB.OrmLite.dll) Version: 2.2.1
public interface IDbProvider

The IDbProvider type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCanCancelCommands
True if this provider can cancel commands
Public propertyConnectionString
Read/write connection string
Public propertyFeatures
Gets the features of the database back-end
Public propertyInvariant
Get name of the provider
Public propertyMonitorProbe
Gets the prove for the provider
Public propertyReadonlyConnectionString
Readonly (mirror) connection string
Public propertyTraceSql
Trace SQL commands
Public methodCloneConnection
Get connection to a specified connection string
Public methodConvertValue
Convert value
Public methodCount
Creates an Exists statement
Public methodCreateCommand(DataContext, SqlStatement)
Creates a command on the specified transaction
Public methodCreateCommand(DataContext, String, Object)
Create command with specified text and parameters
Public methodCreateIndex
Create the statement to define the index
Public methodCreateSqlKeyword
Create SQL keyword
Public methodCreateStoredProcedureCommand
Creates a stored procedure call command
Public methodDropIndex
Create the statement to drop the specified index
Public methodExists
Creates an Exists statement
Public methodGetDatabaseName
Get the name of the database
Public methodGetFilterFunction
Gets the specified filter function
Public methodGetIndexFunction
Gets the specified indexing function
Public methodGetReadonlyConnection
Retrieves a readonly connection
Public methodGetResetSequence
Gets the reset sequence command
Public methodGetWriteConnection
Retrieves a read/writer connection
Public methodLock
Get a lock for the database
Public methodMapParameterType
Map a type to parameter type
Public methodMapSchemaDataType
Map datatype
Public methodReturning
Appends a RETURNING statement
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodUpgradeSchema
Upgrade the schema
(Defined by SqlFeatureUtil.)
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