Welcome to the SanteDB Applet JavaScript reference

What is this API?

Put simply, the JavaScript bridge provides a common set of APIs to interact from a JavaScript client with the SanteDB server. This wrapper is provided by the front-end HTML interface as well as all Business Rules written in JavaScript.

You can also access this code from within tools like Visual Studio code by including the relevant script files:

<Reference path="./path/to/santedb.js">

Starting Point

You should use the SanteDB topic as your starting point as this is how you will access the majority of this API. Using the API in the pattern:

async function myFunction() {
    try {
        var patients = await SanteDB.resources.patient.findAsync({ "gender.mnemonic": "FEMALE" });
        // Do stuff
    catch(e) {
        // Handle an error


The bridge files are released under the Apache 2.0 license. Specific implementations of the bridge
may carry a different license.