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IFreetextSearchService Interface

Contract which defines free-text search functionality

Namespace:  SanteDB.Core.Services
Assembly:  SanteDB.Core.Api (in SanteDB.Core.Api.dll) Version: 2.2.1
public interface IFreetextSearchService : IServiceImplementation

The IFreetextSearchService type exposes the following members.

Public propertyServiceName
Gets the service name
(Inherited from IServiceImplementation.)

In SanteDB HDSI, the _any parameter can be used by a client to indicate that the caller does not care which field the value matches, rather the client is performing a free-text or full-text search. Full text searches can be used to search for content like: John Smith HBA1C December. Such requests are passed to the IFreetextSearchService as a series of terms provided by the client.

Implementers are expected to call their full-text technology provider to perform the search. Additionally, implementers should provide an IJob implementation (or should subscribe to updates from the IDataPersistenceService) to maintain the index.

Implementations of the freetext search service may be technologies like Apache Lucene, PostgreSQL Free-Text Search, Amazon Elastic Search, etc.

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